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WP6 Adaptation Strategies

Delivering tailored adaptation strategies for the main problems identified in the project and the selected pilot-areas is one of the main aims of the project itself. The identification of peculiar situations of Alpine tourism and the development of appropriate strategies to tackle climate change and its impact on tourist economy can then be the base for further transfer of these strategies to other mountain areas facing the same or similar difficulties in this field. WP 6 will elaborate possible adaptation strategies to climate change and ist impact on Alpine tourism. Will develop a tailored strategy to a Alpine touristic locations already affected by climate change. It will implement the deveolped strategy on selected Alpine touristic locations and prepare a case study about this pilot project. Wp5 aims at realizing tailored adaptation strategies to climate change and its effects on Alpine tourism in the different pilot-areas identified in the different regions participating in the project in the 6 countries involved. It also aims at providing general guidelines to tackle climate change in the tourism sector in the Alps to be possibly applied and restructured also for other mountain regions worldwide. WP6 expects to realize concrete actions and options to be delivered in the Alps to enforce appropriate tourist strategies (at least one for every pilot area) in different seasons aiming at assuring a all-year tourist strategy in the Alpine tourist destinations.